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Music MP3 - Best mp3 site. Free music and video. :) - It is a lot of an information about a blues. If you want to learn(find out) what now happens on the scene of blues in Russia, to you - here.:))) Magnificent brief (and not only) help about the musicians of all world. A set of the articles, references and music. In general - magnificent site. -I think by it all is said or nearly so all. The fans(amateurs) old of a blues are yours site. The excellent selection of the musicians and music, and also everything, that is on it site simply superb. - Very good site for guitarists. Except for guitar lessons with music and tabs, huge amount of the articles about the musicians, the equipment and still has a lot of about what. If you play guitar also were not on it site - go, something new you necessarily find out. - As is written on main page site: " the Purpose ours site is the association of the people playing on lip garmonic and tutoring those, who wishes to be learned to play. ", so it also is. An invaluablis information for initial and set of the helps for continuing. - Probably, one from first сайтов about Stevie Ray Vaughan in Russia - person whose music we in main also play. If you want to hear Stevie in a first copy - departure, will not pity.

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