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Our history

    In the recent 1999 the bass-guitarist and the vocal singer Vasily Kovalev searched for his own groups musicians. At the same time Vitaly Silantiev and Victor Veselov, the guitarists, tried to find the ways to apply their talents. And one beautiful day they met each other due to Vladimir Selitsky, the drummer. That is how our band Forrest Gump has been created. As Vladimir was busy with the Wolfband band we invited a school boy Nikita to play with us as a drummer. We had only three concerts membering of us because Victor (he felt unwanted in the band) and Nikita( he lived far away and he was frightened by it) left the group Literally straight after it we found a new drummer - Vladimir Isaev (ex-Begemot ( The Hippopotamus)) This group of us is considered to be the first one.
    We started to play concerts at the night clubs. In the middle of year 2000 Vladimir Isaev left the band and his position was taken by Vladimir Selitsky ( in his turn he had left the Wolfband). We had been playing as the band of these persons till March 2001. One more loss in the beginning of April - Vladimir Selitsky left the band Having been left without the drummer we invited the ones who was free of their own concert activities. Vadim Khotin joined us in the beginning of May.

Now Forrest Gump Blues are:
Vasily Kovalev - vocal, bass
Vitaly Silantiev - guitar
Igor Lyovkin - drums
Michael Chernov - legendary musician of the group DDT - sax.
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