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Our friends

    Basically, we have a lot of friends, all and will not list...;))) But there are some, which it would be very desirable to mention.

    Konstantin Stovolosov. The person, to which we are very grateful for support and organization of several concerts. About a him the most good and kind impressions are connected only. The person from the large letter fond of life and a blues.

    Alexandre Lyapin. This person does not require submission. Magnificent guitarist and very good person. Just Alexandre in a 1999 has manufactured our group the first time on the scene in LDM, for what, naturally, it a huge thanks.

    Ilya Verhovsky. It's the person, which our group never saw ( he Lives in Ханты-Мансийске).:))) But which very much us helps to not despair and to not give in of any kind to doupts. It is ours unique familiar criticizing, which completely honourly can tell by normal Russian that well, and that is simple awfully.

    Vladimir Berezin.Guitarist of group The Way. Due to him guitarist of Forrest Gump Blues Group has left on the club scene. Besides is that person, with which the creative plans of our group are discussed.
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